Enforced TTL setting on all WAN interfaces

I’d like to request an ability to use the enforced TTL setting for the WAN1-3 connections similar to the setting available in the mobile internet connection under Physical interface settings. i’ve seen other requests for this dating back to 2018 but the responses pointed to the mobile setting, not the WAN1, WAN2, WAN3 connections. I’m currently running v8.1.0 on a balance 20.

Thank you.

I request the same feature for WiFi WAN, the ability to set TTL, like I can on cellular.

I am curious as to the use case for this… what problem are you trying to solve? what functionality are you hoping to manipulate with a TTL restriction? Again, asking purely out of curiosity. I was wanting to manipulate the TTL for SSDP multicast discovery so it would traverse VLans, but I can’t wrap my head around why you would want it on LAN. Unless you are in a multi-router setup where WAN->LAN links exist. Thanks in advance for sharing!

There is some conjecture that WISPs might block routers by looking at TTL.

Sounds intriguing. I haven’t heard of that one.