Energy Efficient Ethernet / Green Ethernet on PSW-Switches

my customer is using Peplink-Switches in Broadcast environments. We are experiencing some minor problems. Is Energy Efficient Ethernet active on the SD-Switches.
In case ‘yes’ - how can i disable it ?


Great question. I am also interested in the answer as I am setting up a Dante network which clearly requires switches to turn off EEE (IEEE802.3az)

I am fairly sure 802.3az / Energy Efficient Ethernet is not active on the Peplink SD switches, but perhaps @TK_Liew could confirm this is the case.

We have built networks for similar use cases carrying Dante, NDI and other applications that rely heavily on multicast without issue using the 24/48 port enterprise SD switches.

For Dante just make sure you enable IGMP snooping correctly on the switches and configure at least one with the querier role.

Interesting And thank you for the tip. Just started with Dante, so didn’t know about IGMP snooping. Does the configuration happen on the SD switch or on the actual router?