encrypted information

How can I verify that a peplink is sending the encrypted information

Hi. I am not sure what you mean by “the encrypted information.” Perhaps you can explain your concern? The “quick” answer is to do a packet capture and take a look but I’m not sure that’s what you want to know. Can you provide more information?

Thanks in advance, I want to know how I can demonstrate that the information that is coming out of the peplink is encrypted, I understand that I can make a capture, but since I verify that said information is encrypted, is there any method or program that I can use for said validation?

Still dont think you are being specific enough…

OK, well first, the data emanating from the Peplink device may or may not be encrypted, depending on what you are “doing” with it. For example, SFC is not encrypted; SpeedFusion and PepVPN may or may not be depending on how you have it set. Browser sessions are likely to be encrypted these days but not necessarily. Personally, I’d start by doing a packet capture on one or more WAN ports. Beyond that I think it would be a matter of subjecting the data stream to a forensic analysis.

Maybe others can give you a better answer? Failing that, I might submit a ticket if your concern is hardware rather than application-related. If you take the latter appraoch please share what you’ve learned.