Enclosure Construction

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I have 2 MAx HD4s and 1 Max HD2 ordered through a certified partner. I am looking to see if anyone has examples of how they built a carrying case for them? I was thinking about a small Nanuk or Pelican and putting heavy duty velcro on the bottom of the device and the case so it can be removed easily if needed. Or getting it to sit really snug in the foam insert. I was also thinking it would sit in the box with everything ready to go so the end user just has to plug it in and wait for it to boot up. If anyone has any pics they could send that would be great!

Thank you!

Check with MartinLangmaid he would be a good person to help you.


We have a range of branded enclosures for Peplink devices we call CloudCases. We make them for the BR1 MIni, BR1 MK2, Transit Duo and HD4.

The HD4 runs warm and when busy can be very warm with 60°C + surface temperature at times. So if you’re putting a HD series device in a case you need to think about thermal dissipation.

Like you we started doing HD4s in rugged cases in the past using velcro to secure it and with external SMA connectors.

We’re working on the latest ‘proper’ CloudCase design for a HD4 now. I’ll share when its ready.

Over the years we’ve gotten better at enclosure design and build, worked out what connectors to use, how to battery power everything and how to solve the antenna challenges.
Here are some recent examples.

We sell cases to Peplink partners globally drop us a line at image


They are super nice!

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I built my own. Drill holes, insert cable glands, mount device so its secure.

Thanks for the ideas everyone! I used a cheaper store brand “pelican” type box and velcroed the unit in there. Luckily they are going to use it in air conditioned vehicles with the box open so the temps have been good 120-130 degrees.