Enabling POE on B30 Pro with 24VDC


I have a B30 Pro that I need to enable only 1 POE port. Is the POE support on the B30 Pro pass through? ie, the 48VDC is from the power supply?

I’m looking into keeping a input power of 24VDC with assumption ample amps to enable 1 POE port.

This is not possible. A 48VDC power supply is needed to enable PoE output. Thanks

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Hello @abautista,
To extend on what @Tim_S has mentioned, the PoE options for Peplink Devices (once activated with suitable power supply) will be for equipment compliant with the 802.3af/at standards. If your device is using a proprietary PoE configuration (such as many security cameras and PtP links) then you are best to use that devices recommended PoE injector.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

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You can do this with a voltage boost converter. It will boost your voltage from 24V nominal to 48V and then you’ll have POE out on the Balance 30 Pro.

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