Enabling LACP on LAN interfaces on Balance 310X

Can anyone please tell me how to enable LACP on the 310X? product description says it is supported, but i am not able to do so in the port settings.


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Would you able to share me the product description page as mentioned ?

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Thank you for the URL provided. Sad to tell that LACP feature is not supported yet for the B310X. I will move this forum post under feature request to allow Engineering team to consider the improvement.

We also updated the website info to reflecting to the supported feature.


I agree this is a highly desirable feature. We generally enable LACP:

  1. when it is available at both endpoints,
  2. there are sufficient available ports and
  3. when we care about the reliability of the “connection.”

Why not? The cost is only a cheap cable and taking up a couple of extra ports. And, most importantly the availability of LACP would be consistent with, and supportive of, Peplink’s claim “Delivering Unbreakable Connectivity – Anytime. Anywhere.”

I’d expand the request to suggest it be added to all devices above a certain (relatively low) level – perhaps everything higher than, say a SOHO or Balance 20 – where there are multiple LAN ports and there is a reasonable probability a switch may be connected thereto.


Any update on this topic?
I just found out I cannot setup link aggregation on newly purchased 310X.

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LAG was not possible on the 310X. Ended up having to use single interfaces

+1 for this feature for B310X and MBX as well. LAG would allow us to take advantage of the full potential of 2.5 Gbps throughput.

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