Enabling Group-Wide SSID Settings

Pulled about 300 Peplink devices, mostly BR1 Minis or similar, into InControl. Now starting to impose order into chaos. Many of the 300 devices are already set up on a device level with LAN and SSID configurations. They aren’t all used in the same ways and a single standard configuration can;t cover all requirements, but a small handful of them that can be applied by tagging devices will work nicely, and will be easier to manage that creating/tearing down new groups.
I see that I can create an SSID and have it apply only to tagged devices. What really scares me is that we currently do NOT have “Wi-Fi Management” enabled (or checked) in the “Group-Wide SSID Settings” part of InControl. When I check it, a message pops up:

"SSID settings defined on all InControl 2 managed device(s) in this group will be overwritten by the settings below and that on the Group-wide Radio Settings page."

I have created an SSID and limited it to devices with a specific tag. If I enable “WiFi Management”, what will happen to the WiFi configuration on other devices in the group?
Will they retain their device-level settings or will those settings get wiped?
If I disable “WiFi Management”, will device-level settings be restored again, or are they permanently lost?

It will remove any config on the Peplinks that is not managed by Ic2 and replace it with whatever config would be expected.

That warning is also applying to radio settings not just SSID settings, so if you have any devices that have been configured for a specific channel or power you might want to review that too.

I am pretty sure this is a one way street, once you remove config with Ic2 whilst you can later disable Ic2 the old config will not magically reappear.

You may for now want to consider your current group a “staging” group, and make a new one that you can gradually move devices into once you know what config they require and have all the necessary bits in place in Ic2.

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