Enabling DHCP Server Logging

As of Firmware 6.3, Peplink routers can log DHCP server activity in the event log. To enable this feature, navigate to Network > Network Settings. Then click on the LAN port you wish to log.

Under the DHCP Server setting, click the checkbox under DHCP Server Logging.

Click Save and the Apply Changes on the top right-hand corner to complete the change


Hello Alan,
From what we have seen, once you have this logging on, you will also be able to see the the DHCP logs from within InControl2.

Report - Event Log - Menu navigation

Within the Organisation, choose a group and the select from the menu “Report” & “Event Log”

Report - Event Log - Search & Filter options

In the filter options, you can now choose “DHCP”, add in your extra search criteria and press Search.

Marcus :slight_smile:

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Great observation, thanks Marcus!

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