Enabled Function to see Data going trough Gateway


I have been looking on your online application but I can not find the function to see data that goes trough the application. I want to be able to see the data that’s sent trough gateway for a particular IP or MAC address.

We have several devices connecting trough the gateways (MAX BR1) but even when they are not connecting to our server we can see a large usage but those devices so we want to be able to see what data are the devices sending.

Is it a way to activate this function on the gateways (MAX BR1)?


Hi, please take a look at this topic:

Make sure that you use a model that supports the DPI feature and that you use the most recent firmware version.
As far as I know, there is no feature (yet?) that enables you to see this on a IP or MAC address level.
You just see the general usage, which is then split up into different catagories.

If I’m wrong with this statement, feel free to update my knowledge on this topic. :slight_smile:

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