Enable traffic distribution

Dear how can i enable the function “traffic distribution” on max router series ?


Hi Antonio, If you can you explain what you are looking to achieve I can help explain how to config it on the MAX UI. What traffic distribution do you need exactly?

Hi Martin, I see under FusionHub installation guide, that on the page 81 when it is explained how to set up a Pepvpn, there is a rumor that I had never seen called “traffic distribution”, I am attaching the screenshot.

I want to know if this is a feature in the new REALISE 6.2 or, if it is already present, as it should be activated?


Hi Antonio,

Thank you for pointing out the problem. The screen shot was outdated. We will update the document asap.

Hello Antonio,

“Traffic distribution” no longer exists on any of our devices, and the FusionHub Installation guide has been updated to reflect that. Thanks for pointing this out!

thanks Alan and Liew :smiley: