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Good Afternoon VURD Team:

I am trying to figure out how to use the “Follow another deice’s GPS location.” When I enable the button in InControl2 for a device in a group a drop down appears “Select a Device” but the list is empty and every key combination I put into it for search such as Name of Device, Model, Serial Number, they all fail.

I have two Pepwave Max HD2 IP67 “Product Code: MAX-HD2-M-LTEA-WF-IP67” in the group of five devices and want them to share locations. In this group I have the two HD2, Balance 710, SD-Switch 24-Port 850W, and an AP One Rugged. The kit is setup with a tactical C-Com DragonFly Satellite as a backup network source so this is a highly portable aircraft flyable kit.

Ultimately, I would like to have all my equipment setup to use this Follow feature so they aren’t all appearing in the same location and kits of equipment map properly. I know, mapping seems like such a small problem to deal with and not a great feature, but when deploying equipment in disasters things have a tendency to “WALK OFF” or in other words get “STOLEN”. So I have equipment that is GPS capable, how do I get the non-GPS capable equipment to see them?

Thanks everyone!

Hello Eric @EM724,
Have you got GPS results showing within InControl2 already for the device that you wish to have followed?
If so and it is still not working, use the “Feedback” tab on the righthand side of the browser screen to raise a query directly with the InControl2 team.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Yes the HD2 were showing GPS location. They were not super accurate as I was indoors during testing, but within 100 meters of location.

Hello @EM724,
Have you had this working in other organisations before that you can reference?

This is how we set the GPS Following up in InControl2 (examples from a current PoC for a client)

From the open the device details page that is to be the slave (following another device) and select “Edit”

Changed “Follow another device’s GPS location” to “ON”
Then “Select Device” dropdown should appear below

Choose from the list of available GPS routers (when I checked my dropdown list, only three of the four were there, the unit missing had not yet recorded any GPS data into InControl2)

Choose “Save”

And that’s it, your device(s) should now be following the other required GPS locations from the master device (your Pepwave MAX router).

If it is not working like this, then you can use the “Feedback” tab on the right of the screen to reach the InControl2 team.
image (you will get a popup box to fill out) image

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

We have been able to turn on the follow another device’s GPS location and can now see that a test device that we have in the office in InControl is following a pepwave that we have out in the field. However if we remote admin into the test device in the office the GPS still shows it’s here in our office. My question is, is there a way to make sure that the device is pulling that GPS information from the device it is following? We have a device plugged into the pepwave out in the field that is set to make certain notifications in certain locations and we want to be able to to have a test device in the office that would make those same notifications to test