EN50155 Rail certified MAX HD2 Dome


When asking PEPLINK resellers about the EN50155 Rail certified version of the MAX HD2 Dome (which is described as “Upon Request” on the MAX HD2 Dome product page), the response is that it has never been done before and certainly would take some time and possibly re-design to meet the certification criterias.

I find this answer surprising when the MAX HD2 Dome product page describes a Rail Version that is “EN50155 Upon Request”.

Could you please confirm if a) the MAX HD2 Dome has gone through EN50155 cert? b) if it is available in a EN50155 certified version? c) if any pricing and/or leadtime impacts for this version? and maybe d) is it best to go through resellers for this specific request or direct with you?

Hi Greg,

Any updates on this, I’m interested as well.

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