Email Test Failing on 210

I am attempting to setup email notification on a Balance 210.

My email server (Exchange 2007) is at the opposite end of a Site-to-site VPN (which connects fine). I am using an IP address for the SMTP server. I can ping that IP from a locally connected PC on the LAN side of the 210. But everytine I attempt to test email notifications, it fails, with the following test result:

[INFO] Try email through connection #0

[ERROR] sig_alarm: Timeout (14)!!!

[INFO] Try email through connection #1

[ERROR] Can’t connect to server

I have a receive connector on my Exchange 2007 server, allowing Internal email to be relayed from the LAN address of the Peplink 210, and also allowing from the static IP of the WAN port of the 210, but still get the failed tests.

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your inquiry, I do apologize for the delay in response. Just to make sure that this issue has not been addressed in a previous firmware update, please confirm/update the Balance 210 to the latest (5.3.9). Here is the link to the update if need be (you can also use the online firmware checker in the Balance to pull the update as well. System > Firmware > Firmware Upgrade)-

Firmware 5.3.9 for Peplink Balance 210/310

Go ahead and update firmware and see if you are still having issues with your email test. If so, please capture a diagnostic report from the Balance while the issues are occurring but before rebooting to preserve the Event Logs for review and create a support ticket at the following link where we can review everything.

If need be, instructions on capturing the diagnostic report can be found at the following link-

Keep us posted Paul and we’ll go from there sir.

Best Regards,


The Peplink Team


Thanks for the reply. Actually I had already loaded 5.3.9 on all the devices.

I was trying to get the Balance 210 to send email to server’s private LAN address, which was on the opposite end of a Site-to-Site VPN. I never did get that to work (and am still not sure if it even should).

I worked around it by having the 210’s send to a public IP of our SMTP gateway (Microsoft ISA Server). I did have to put the static IP’s of the Balances as approved SMTP sender IP’s. Because we are using Postini filtering services, we were only allowing SMTP from Postini’s server’s IP’s. But adding these few additional IPs, shouldn’t be problem. Fortunately all of our WAN connections have static IP’s…had they been dynamic I would need a different solution.