Email on Specific WAN

I received my 210 yesterday and am configuring it. The front end is a little different than what I’m used to, and I could use a little help, just for the email part.

I have a dual WAN setup (Load Balance). WAN1 is a T-1, static I.P. WAN2 is Microwave, 5up 1 down, dynamic IP (but almost never changes) and this is where the mail must go. This ISP hosts our mail. All SMTP / POP traffic has to go through WAN 2. If mail goes to WAN1 we get the “we do not relay” message on our current RV082.

I have around 30 workstations etc that the 210 will handle. Most are static IP and the mail client is Outlook.

I’m OK on the firewall etc etc, but I’m hoping someone can post a bulletproof “do this and it will work” (only for my email question) guide before I deploy the router.

Thank You


Hi Pete, there is an article in our KB on this:

Thank you Tim. I didn’t see the KB link earlier, but will check there before posting in the future. I found the area in the router and will carry on with setup prior to deployment in the morning.

Thanks again Tim!


NP Pete, enjoy your Peplink!

Well Tim, I am a little confused on the port forwarding. My older RV082 was much different in this regard. I read the entire section multiple times. I need about a dozen services forwarded to 2 or 3 workstations on specific ports. I cannot seem to add a destination IP (workstation). The 210 is acting as a gateway at the moment with no proper servers behind it (they are on order). On the RV082 it simply asked me the source (WAN1 WAN2 or both) then the protocol and port, then the IP of the listening workstation.

The way I understand the 210 system, if I designate the listening workstation as a “server” and add the IP, then only those workstations will be listening?

Thank You again

Here is the link to our KB article on port forwarding:

On the Balance 210 and above it is configured under “Inbound Services”. First you need to define the “Servers”, this will be the internal IP addresses of the hosts you want to forward to - you can name them whatever you want. The next step is to define the mappings/forwarding under the “Services”. You can choose which WAN connections and ports to listen on and pick which servers get forwarded to. It works great!

Great, your explanation means I interpreted the guide correctly. All looks well and although I’ve not gone live with 210 yet, configuration is almost complete.

Thanks again and have a good weekend!


Everything running well. Very impressed with the Peplink 210. Once set up correctly, “Everything just works”. Now I’ve had a few hours to poke around the GUI I find lots of useful statistics as well. Pretty responsive too, the 210 has a snappy CPU in it.

Although by no means inexpensive, you get what you pay for in life but so far its worth every penny. I had another dual WAN router fail recently in the middle of the work week and it was the SECOND one that died within 2 years (my server room has A/C and the router has its own UPS). I will not be going back to that brand.


Glad you got it up and running Pete, thanks for the update!