Email notifications via Tagged Vlan

Dear Support,

We have enabled VLAN Trunk on LAN and we have the following issue: We cannot get any email notifications since Peplink is using the default Interface which is untagged. Is it a way to define the interface that he email otifications will leave from or a ay to define a default LAN VLAN?
We have requested this some time ago as a feature request but nothing is happening. The result now is that we cannot get any email notifications! Through the WAN interfaces is no possible since the device is not on he Internet.

Thanks in advance,

Charris Lappas

Hi Lappas,

Peplink’s Untagged Vlan will communicate with the Native Vlan in switch. Have you define Native Vlan in your trunk port?

Hi Liew,

We do not use the Native VLAN in our Network, this is based on compliance requirements, but anyway we should be able to define the VLAN where the email notifications will leave!

Please advice,

Charris Lappas

Hi Lappas,

Email notification will go Untagged vlan at this moment. I will move your post to Features Request for the team to take consideration.

Hi, the same should apply for the Time Server Settings as well.

Can you please look into the timeframe of this request since all of our devices are affected by this?