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Please modify email notification feature so that user could be able to enable / disable notification per WAN port / PepVPN profile.


Configure Email Notification Events
Quota only email

Also what would be nice is to be able to specify which events you want to be notified about.



It would be nice if we’re able to define the interface WAN/LAN/VLAN where the email notification will use.


I usually get the connected email before the disconnected. Would be nice to just discard the disconnected one and not send both.


would be nice to be able to sort of acknowledge the problem especially super annoying on WAN with temporary ISP issues and service is flapping up and down. can easily get flooded with alerts and in my cases sometimes it’s very bed if I have Comcast outage in the area with dozens of peplinks installed. And Multiple WAN health status changes will be enough :slight_smile:


Agree too. In addition maybe set an alert threshold value per port so that a certain number of ‘flap’ tpye events can happen for an alert is triggered.


Yes, I agree with temporary issues generating a lot of messages. I would like a setting for a minimum outage duration that would trigger an email notification (e.g. 1 hour).


Thank you all for the valuable feedback, we hear you and would really take these into consideration to enhance our products in future.

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Multiple threads have requested this feature and this is a big issue for us, especially as our customer base has grown to nearly 100 nodes.

We are constantly getting bombarded with WAN alerts, mostly for outages that only last a few seconds.

It’s been over 2 years since this feature was requested and this is still not an option - Please make a priority if possible.


Is there any way to pick and choose the email events that trigger an email notification?

Currently the list that you will be emailed about is:

  • Email notification test
  • A new firmware version is available
  • Health status changes for any WAN connection
  • VPN status changes
  • Bandwidth usage has reached 75% of the allowance
  • Bandwidth usage has reached 95% of the allowance

For my purposes I really only want the notifications about bandwidth usage. The notifications about WANs disconnecting and re-connecting bombard you to the point where it’s hard to see the usage limit emails.


I have moved this thread under the similar feature request.


Hello Peplink team,
Can we make some suggestions to the email notifications titled “A Friendly Reminder from Peplink — Warranty Renewal”:

  • for more than a few devices, send the email out in table form
  • add in the registered organisation & group to save searching through all of an MSP organisations for the device
  • add in a link the the device’s page within InControl2 so to allow the receiver to click directly into the device on InControl2

We appreciate the emails, though as the organisations grow we can see there are some good ways to improve this.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


They do make sense. We will implement them accordingly. Thanks for your suggestion.


Hi Michael,

Is there any way to pick and choose the email events that trigger an email notification yet?


@Hynes62, do you think this meets your requirement?


That’s perfect TK_Liew, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!


I would like to receive email notifications with the primary WAN goes up and cellular takes over. Currently I am getting dozens of emails per day about the USB modem going up/down, but that’s not the WAN connection I care about.