Email Notification doesn't follow outbound policy

We use Google Apps for our email and use (Send email from a printer, scanner, or app - Google Workspace Admin Help) for our printers, scan-to-email, devices with automated reporting via email, etc.

On B210, WAN1 has a static IP and WAN2 is dynamic.
WAN1’s IP is registered with GApps for smtp-relay purposes.
If WAN1 fails and B210 notifies via email, it does not follow outbound policy (Priority, WAN1 VPN WAN2, Any, TCP465) and instead goes straight through to WAN1 then WAN2.

The purpose of failing over to VPN is that over the VPN connection exists another B210 that has a connection with a static IP which has been registered with GApps as well. If B210 SMTPs the Email Notification over the VPN, the remote B210 has permission to use and will sucessfully deliver the message.
WAN2 does not have a static IP and GApps rejects it.

[INFO] Try email through connection #0
[ERROR] sig_alrm: Timeout (14)!!!!!
[INFO] Try email through connection #1
[ERROR] sig_alrm: Timeout (14)!!!!!
[INFO] Try email through connection #2
[INFO] SMTP through SSL connected
<-] 220 ESMTP j5sm43964pdp.4 - gsmtp
->] EHLO
<-] at your service, []
<-] 250-SIZE 35882577
<-] 250-8BITMIME
<-] 250-CHUNKING
<-] 250 SMTPUTF8
->] MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
<-] 550 5.7.1 Invalid credentials for relay []. j5sm43964pdp.4 - gsmtp
[ERROR] [sent MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
] [result 550] [expect 250] unknown response "550 5.7.1 Invalid credentials for relay []. j5sm43964pdp.4 - gsmtp

(Error message has been modified for privacy.)

Without resorting to a GApps non-recommended SMTP gateway ( + login OR, is there a way to make B210 obey outbound policy for Email Notification?


Please open ticket here for us to check further.

Thank you.

Ticket opened.


Checked and verified Outbound Policy can’t redirect e-mail notification that initiated by Balance router.

This will be rectify in v6.2 GA. Stay tuned.

This is true also for Balance 20/30 and PepWave SOHO as well in 6.1.2
we have same issue not only for emails but outbound policy in general. Most of the problems was that outbound policy with domain as destination never works,
But more stable with destination as IP works most of the time. Sometimes it works after jumping around with reapplying settings or rebooting GW.

Hi Andrey,

We aware of your problem. Thanks for your efforts to find out this bugs :). This problem will be solve in v6.2 GA. Stay tuned.