Email Notification can't be saved


I tried to create e-mail notification with following rules:

it should send me email if the device offline for 480 min. and 720 min, but after create that rules it wouldn’t saved although the message said “saved successfully”

if is that a bug then please fix it otherwise i need advice how to do it.



You may want to try a different web browser as I was able to successfully apply the changes on my end. Otherwise if you would like to provide your Organization name or email address associated with the IC2 account I can check further. Feel free to PM with the additional information if it is sensitive.

Hi Jarid,

We have tried with IE, Chrome and Firefox in the Windows and Safari and Chrome in Mac.
We are still unable to save the email notification, after we have clicked the save button, we do not see the changes appear in the page.

The user ID is: [email protected] and the devices are under batch 1 (10 devices)

Hi jkrisx and bala,

The problem has been fixed.

Thanks for reporting this.

Hi TK Liew,

It works now, thanks :):up:

Hi TK Liew,
the Notification for the Offline works now.

base on my setting, there’s 2 level of Offline Time (480 min and 720 min).
Peplink system sent me 2 different notification for that.

but for Online Notification i got always 2 same mails.
It’s because i created 2 levels Offline time so that Peplink system send twice on Online Notification ?
can you fix it.



The user received 2 e-mails at the same time or different time? If different time, what is the gap between the first and second e-mail?

We received 2 e-mails online notification at the same time, there’s no gap between first and second emails, those have same time.


Thanks for reporting this. We will do some enhancement on this. The enhancement will not send the same online email notification to the same recipient twice.