EE just doubled 4G bandwidth in some UK cities

Interesting test results here:

20Mbps+ UPLOAD!! That would be great for the Police application where they want to stream video from their cars (HD IP cams) and their officers (body worn police cams).

It will mean a MAX that can cope with more throughput though - and until then managing customer expectations of SF throughput on existing devices…

Hi Martin,

The good news is our engineers have been working on a next gen platform for sometime. The next gen platform can deliver some amazing SpeedFusion throughput. We should have no problem in meeting these speedy bandwidth requirements. Also, the good thing is it is not a PC so we still don’t need a cooling fan or any moving parts to cool things down.

The existing platform will still exist. Some partners might have spec in our products for tenders and we’ll continue to support the products to meet the demand.

Our Cloud SpeedFusion will be able to scale horizontally at the data center as well.

Great engineers make things happen! :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

This feedback is very interesting. Do you have more information available on the Cloud SpeedFusion application you mention above?

Thanks and I hope all is well!