Eduroam and peplink

Hi all,

Does anyone have any eduroam ( and peplink experience?

Thank you for your help?


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I don’t. Looks like a federated wifi hotspot solution for educational establishments? Seems like a good idea. What’s your interest?

Hi Martin,

I am talking to a rail network that uses peplink wifi equipment about implementing eduroam for third level students on their trains.
eduroam is an authentication mechanism that uses Radius to forward authentication requests to the student’s home institution. eduroam is used in over 100 countries now, so it would be good to see an eduroam peplink implementation.


Sounds doable. Peplink can already use 3rd party captive portals, and radius for external user authentication. Let me know how I can help test this.

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No portal here, Eduroam is proper 802.1X auth back to the institution that issued the credentials :slight_smile:

I’ve not deployed Eduroam using Peplink APs but I don’t see why it would be hard or not work, biggest consideration is that unlike many other solutions where the AP controller will proxy the auth traffic that would be handled directly from each AP / router.

$dayjob are setup as an Eduroam provider as we’ve enabled it on some of our networks (non Peplink APs) for events, I can probably look into testing it on Peplink though…


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