Edit the DHCP table?

How do I edit errors in the DHCP table? Either I, or the recent storm and rolling blackouts, changed the default gateway from the real one to the VLAN network IP. With the wrong gateway set, I think the Raspberry Pi is getting the wrong info and preventing me from reaching the internet.

I’d thought about the Network tab’s Static Route approach, but that feels different from editing a DHCP table (and I don’t know what “Destination Network” means, anyway).

Could you provide some more details? And maybe a screen shot or two? And router and firmware version. And what type of Internet connection is it? Cable?

Thank you - this is resolved.

While collecting the details you requested, I was writing, “All the router settings were as they had been for nine months.” Then I realized I was conflating Raspberry Pi settings with Pihole settings; Pihole was not yet installed. I removed the Pihole static DNS IP and let the router pick one automatically, and Raspberry Pi worked. Of course. A closer look at the details helped a lot.

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