Edit DNS Settings for Pepwave Surf OTG

Is it possible to edit my DNS Server settings on a Pepwave Surf On-The-Go?

I can see the currently-used values on the Status / WAN Connection section of the Admin pages…but do not see where I can change them. (I need to change to Google servers or maybe OpenDNS.)

I purchased the Pepwave OTG in October 2017.

Yes. see pg 30 of the manual http://download.peplink.com/manual/pepwave_surf_soho_user_manual_fw7.pdf

Click details next to wan on ddashboard, add dns servers, click dsave and apply.

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Thanks for the reply. But I do not have the SOHO…rather the Surf On-The-Go, and that interface is different.

It seems I have the option to turn off DHCP which allows me to specify DNS servers, but then it appears I must manually configure IP addresses, sub-nets, etc. More than I want to do.

Am just looking for the option to redirect DNS servers on the OTG router.