Edge LTE Models that support BGP?

Hi Peplink Community,

I am pretty new to the Peplink world only hearing about it from some clients.

I am looking for a solution with a lot of LTE/4G/ 4G with 700Mhz support.

To do a solution for a client we need LTE routers at the edge running 4G LTE Sim cards and every now and again a WAN link that does BGP.

We also need to concentrate the VPN’s in a data Center.

Does anyone have any ideas of the smallest Peplink LTE model that supports LTE for edge sites for a WAN link plus 4G Internet?

Also what models are recommended for VPN Concentrates? The enterprise Series?

thank you.

Hi Welcome to the forum!

What you are looking for is very possible. Key things when choosing an edge device is form factor, router throughput, VPN throughput and interface count (both how many cellular but also how many wired WAN and LAN Ports.

The physically smallest that supports a single LTE and BGP is the BR1 MIni

But it needs an additional license to enable speedfusion technologies (not bonding, but hot failover nd wan smoothing/forward error correctino) and the wired WAN (out of the box only the cellular WAN is enabled).

What sort of traffic is it you need to support? Do you need bonding or is ti more about simple failover between WAN and LTE?

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Hi Martin,

I hope you’re well and thank you for responding.

Essentially we need edge devices that is like HD2 but supports BGP, i cannot find Peplink documentation that states BGP is supported on this device.

It will be for both bonding and failover.
BGP will talk to core Network for L3 WAN and failover to 4G backup sims which will be bonded.

Traffic will be simply - Internet for SaaS applications etc and WAN for RDP and Voice Traffic.

BGP is supported on all MAX routers. BGP on the wired WAN will work fine, using BGP on the LTE connections - especially if you want to bond those is a trickier question - but perhaps you plan to just failover to a different non BGP managed IP when on cellular?

Suggest using FEC in the SpeedFusion config for RDP and VoIP when on cellular it really helps.

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