Easiest way to limit guest SSID data usage from using cellular but other WANs OK

What is the easiest way to keep clients connecting to a guest SSID from using a particular WAN such as cellular? They can use any other WANs such as WiFi WAN, Starlink, etc.

For this you can/should use outbound policy. Ideally, you have a separate subnet for guest access and you will set your source as that subnet. If you don’t, you can select “Client’s SSID”, pick the guest SSID, and limit it there. There are additional considerations if you’re using SpeedFusion or other VPN tunnels, but this should get you 95% of the way there :slight_smile:

To configure, you can either use InControl2 (at a group level > Network Settings > Outbound Policy) or the local device GUI by going to Advanced > Outbound Policy.

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