E1 traffic through Layer 2 Speedfussion tunnel

We have a Balance 580 and a MAX HD4 in our office and we want to pass E1 (TDM) traffic between the two devices.
The topology is the following:

BER tester(E1generator)–> Router–>Balance580–INTERNET–HD4<–Router–E1loopback

We connected the Balance580 with the HD4 using layer 2 Speedfussion tunnel and also use OSPF routing and MPLS tunneling between the two routers.

So far we were unable to pass E1 traffic between the two devices, however the layer 2 speed fussion tunnel is established without problems. The BER tester give us the following errors ES and SES and the cisco routers the following logs:

Controller E1 0/0, changed state to down (10 SES)

The E1 connection between the two routers behind the peplink devices keeps connecting and disconnecting continuously

I hope you can help me with this issue or give us a recommendation to make it work.

Hi! Welcome to the forum!
I assume you tested this and it worked?

BER tester(E1generator)–> Router–>Switch<–Router–E1loopback

The L2 Speedfusion should be transparent (by design) to the traffic running over it. If not you could get the CISCO routers to wrap it in a GRE tunnel and see if that helps it pass over the Speedfusion VPN.

Also - lets see if @cgreen knows a thing or two about this kinda thing (no pressure Chris).

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Hi Josejaldin/Martin, I’ve not done a lot with the layer 2 here, we do use it for a system tertiary backup and we did find that we had issues when we trunked a lot of VLAN’s through the SF L3 tunnel, we had 100+ VLAN’s and it just didnt like it through that SF tunnel, we were getting spanning tree loops etc.
However, we cut the VLAN’s down to a key group of 4x management VLAN’s and that resolved the issues we had.
It wasnt something we’d ever possibly do again or in any kind of volume so to be honest we never spent a huge amount of time on it and in the end we only needed the management VLAN’s spanned across and it does work for those 4x.
So if you are running a lot of VLAN’s through the SF tunnel that could be your issue, otherwise as Martin suggested then creating a GRE wrap Cisco to Cisco through the SF tunnel could be a way around but as he mentioned it is meant to be transparent.


Hello ,

last friday we tested the topology in the attached file.

We used three SIM cards from different companies.

The layer 2 speedfussion tunnel was established without problems and we didn´t have any issues with the OSPF connection between the MWR routers.

However, we couldn’t pass E1 traffic between MGW NVTL LPZ and MGW NVTL CBBA , we got AIS errors permanently.
It seeems that E1 traffic is very sensitive to the latency in the celullar signal. You can see in the attached diagrams the results we got using different companies (VIVA, ENTEL and TIGO).

I tried increasing the buffer size to 2000 ms and use WAN smoothing to the maximum, but we got the same results and we couldn’t pass E1 traffic without errors. Is there something else we could do about it?

Let me know your comments.



This feels like it needs a ticket with engineering. What can you see in the network captures?