E-mail Notifications

I’m using balance router in mobile environment… multiple 4G and VSAT wan link. 4G is up and down all day… multiple times a day. I DO NOT WANT AN E-MAIL notification each time the balance goes in and out of 4G coverage… now when the VSAT goes offline YES tell me about it. When 4G wan link has reached it’s monthly limit… yes tell me about it.

There needs to be a check box on the WAN configuration page to ‘Include online/offline E-mail Notifications’… otherwise the FLOOD of connected and not connected messages makes the notifications pretty much worthless… I can’t be getting 1000 4G online / offline e-mail messages a day. Please add this feature because until it’s there I cannot use the notification feature… . which really hurts. While we are at it it might also be a great feature on the dashboard to show ‘monthly bandwidth exceeded’ if it does not show that already (i’ve never noticed). Thank you, Sean

Hi Sean,

  1. Include/Exclude E-mail Notification for WAN up/down status
    This makes sense! We will put this in our roadmap.

  2. Dashboard to show ‘monthly bandwidth exceeded’

This is supported. Please find the screen shot below.