HI There
having two adsl lines installed on a Pep20 as a fail over with a mikrotik behind the Peplink 20 handling my wifi network
i have done port forwarding on the adsl routers through the Peplink to the Miktrotik with Dyndns on the MikroTik and all works well when a fail over happens dyndns is being updated correctly and my remote link is active at all time

problem i’m having is that my site is live and very far from me

i want to do bonding on the two adsl lines, when both wan ports are active will the dyndns stay connected or will it get confused because of the two ip addresses it now gets

has any one done this before
any feed back is appreciated



Believe you have configured same dyndns host name for 2 WAN ports. Do correct me if I am wrong. If my assumption is correct, your dnsdns server will get update from the WAN interface that having last IP update. So it would not confuse.