Dynamic FQDN/list of services servers - Grouped Network enhancement

For a nice tender here, we need an enhancement of the grouped-network feature.
In this tender, the customer wants to be able to priorize and control the outbond routing of several “services”, such as all his tools in Microsoft office 365, his video flux towards lifesize or zoom, the citrix connecivity, etc, etc…
This is were the grouped network should be improved because, as you can figure it out, the trafic towards “microsoft office 365” is not only towards a group of fixed IP servers that never change. It always does week after week.
The idea of the feature request is, thus, to enhance the grouped-network feature by adding to it a way to dynamically describe what is the trafic towards “microsoft office 365” or “youtube”. It should be based on a list of preconfigured objects synchronised (with API maybe ?) with those majors actors. For exemple, our competitors here (such as VeloCloud and Fortinet) have this dynamic approach and their routing policy is updated automatically every day/week if microsoft or youtube add some more servers to their services.
Let me know if this sounds good to you and how we can help on this very important feature for us to win this tender.

Hi Olivier,

Some of these features are already implemented.
If you manage your outbound Policies in InControl, you can add outbound policies for SaaS.
Currently, you can select G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 traffic as destination.

There are also some common services available if you select Protocol.

Hope that helps,



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Hi Erik and thanks for those tips. I was already aware of those but, as you mentionned, some are missing :-).
Plus, do you know how peplink define “G Suite” and “Microsoft Office 365” ? Is it static lists (incontrol hardcoded, that mean, depending on InControl version) or dynamic, daily or weekly updated lists ?

Hi Olivier, I am not sure, maybe @TK_Liew or someone else from Peplink can help answer your question.

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@olivier, we have a database for G Suite and Office 365. It will be updated periodically when there is an update.

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Hello both and thanks for your answers. It is indeed a very good start ! If I understood correctly, those lists are updated on “manual” InControl update, right ? Do you plan to add some more SaaS providers in a close futur ? Is it planned to use “custom defined dynamic” lists in a close futur ?
Many thanks in advance.
With kind regards,

@olivier, your understanding is correct. We do have plan to add more SaaS in the future.