Dynamic DNS rollover for load balancing router

This is my configuration:

Balance One Core
WAN1: 300MBit download/30MBit upload / 1TB cap
WAN2: 20MBit download/20MBit upload / no cap

Services running on WAN1: Dynamic DNS, VPN, FTP
Services running on WAN2: Cloud sync backups

I’m using the Balance One as a load balancer to support the traffic over my home network. I treat WAN1 as my primary connection. My PCs and gaming consoles use WAN1.

WAN2 is saturated when my PCs and home server sync to the cloud – trying to play my XBox over a saturated connection makes for a horrible experience.

However, there have been a couple of times when I use up the 1TB cap on WAN1 and all of my traffic rolls over to WAN2. At this point, I’m forced to use WAN2 as my primary connection until the end of the month. All of my devices, my VPN, and my FTP port forward all rollover to WAN2 automatically using the Balance One’s configuration options. However, the only thing that does not rollover to WAN2 is the Dynamic DNS.

I understand that if I configured both WANs using the same Dynamic DNS login information and then changed WAN2 to Backup Priority, the Dynamic DNS feature would properly rollover. However, I would lose out on the ability to load balance and would also run into the issue of my cloud sync backups saturating my one and only connection (not to mention blowing through my 1TB cap).

I’ve created a crude mock up of what the feature may look like and attached it to this message.

This is just a suggestion. Manually typing in the Dynamic DNS settings into the WAN2 configuration page isn’t a huge deal, but it would be nice for it to happen automatically when WAN1 caps out.

Please consider Find My Peplink if you owned public IP on your WAN interfaces.