Dynamic DNS issue

I setup WAN1 and WAN2 with 2 different providers. I have a no-ip.com account which I created 2 hosts in, 1 for each lan:


I just did a check and I noticed that both these were resolving to the same WAN IP. ( happens to be WAN1 ).

I double checked my config and I have the correct host name in the dynamic DNS config, but the same IP for both.

I noticed that on another device that runs ddns that I have an option to use “external IP checker” which seems to use some external service to verify that the ddns IP of the WAN is correct/“confirmed to be correct” when it posts it for DNS update.

How does the DDNS service work on the Peplink Balance 20. Is it confirming the IP of the WAN interface that it’s configured for ie. wan1 ddns config checks wan1 public IP and wan2 ddns config checks wan2 public IP before updating with no-ip.

If I’m the only one who has ever experienced this…I’ll troubleshoot some more, but it’s a simple concept/setup…



Hi Anton

Did you configure the two No-IP host accounts seperately (one on the WAN1 config page and one on WAN2), or both on the WAN1 profile?

Please go to the Status > Event log and check if both hosts updated successfully.