Dynamic Bandwidth Distribution

Hi Team,

I need to suggest a feature for bandwidth controller on both Balance and AP models which is dynamic bandwidth distribution.
now we have static bandwidth assignment for example If I limit a user to 512Kbps then he has always 512Kbps maximum speed beside how many users are connected to the router. in dynamic bandwidth distribution you can tell the router to** re-partition the specified amount of bandwidth according to the number of connected users.**

for example if you have 10Mbps bandwidth and only 2 connected users, each can have 10/2=5Mbps
if the number of users goes to 10, then each user can have 10/10=1Mbps

This feature is very useful for hotspot solution and guests can enjoy the whole available bandwidth when the network is not that much busy. I saw this feature on Mikrotik routerboard and I’d like to have this on Peplink.


nice idea. I like the Idea your proposing…