Dying gasp


I’m not sure whether you are familiar with the concept of “dying gasp” but it would be very interesting to have it on the BR/MAX/balance devices.

It is used in DSL for example when the power is lost, a last signal is sent to mention to the other-end equipment that the device is powering off and that it is not simply the line that is cut. It helps a lot to avoid false alarms as you know that it is not due to physical layer issue but simply the user powering off his device.

Example: an HD4 could send a last message saying to incontrol that the device is shutdown. Instead of displaying “device offline”, we could then have “Device offline (power)”.


Hi PG,

Understood. I agree this is useful if we are alway immediate device that connected to ISP.

I am thinking if dying gash not support by the device (e.g. modem) in front of Peplink, then this feature will not function. Do you think having UPS is a better option?

The request is not to avoid loss of power or to detect the dying gasp of the connected modem, it is to avoid false alarms.
As a service provider (SFA), if you are using mobile devices like BR1/HD2/HD4 not knowing if it was intentionally shutdown or if it lost all its connection is a problem.

Could be implemented along with a short battery life built into the device (10-20 seconds) to allow for brief losses of power in auto applications as well as changing power sources. Dying Gasp could be sent after power has been cut for say 10 seconds

If power is out, message should be sent asap. If afterwards, power comes back, it is not an issue as it will still report to InControl.
It is a long term request, it definitely needs hardware adaptation like a capacitor and a voltage-drop detection as well as a watchdog to get priority on data sent.

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