Duplicated Captive Portal designs between groups and organisations with InControl2

Hello Peplink Engineering,
We have (with the team of Peplink’s help), been debugging and working on the InControl2 Captive portal.
We now wish to duplicate this out to multiple groups within the organisation (currently 12, could be over 60). This includes the WeChat and SMS settings found in the Group Management pages.
Currently the only way to do this is to manually create the Captive Portal in each of the individual groups.
Can you help with a simplified tool to allow the cloning (such as to download the setting and upload to new group).

Some additional Suggestions that could work well with the above are:

  • Ability to make templates at Organisational level for Captive Portal.
  • Ability to set WeChat and SMS details at an Organisational level (and other settings that can be default for the various Social Media choices)
    Look forward to seeing the continual evolvement of the InControl2 solution.
    Marcus :slight_smile: