Duo unusable throughput

Help! $1000 investment is useless - phone is superior…

Att and Verizon. Verizon can’t finish a speed test. Att 2-3Mbps down and up. Both sims in (bonded??). Isolated sims no change. Both data plans are post paid, att is tied to a business line account (supposedly highest priority).

Signal strength Verizon solid 5 bars, att 3-4.

Keep getting kicked off admin dashboard connected by wifi. Nothing to do with provider so this befuddling

Verizon postpaid PHONE is pulling 50+ down 20 up (different sim), tmobile/metro phone prepaid 45 down 15 up.

Trying to work remotely, and cant.

BTW spent an hour looking through forum posts and faqs without any similar finding.

You arent providing much information

So you have two cellular modems active simultaneously? What outbound policy are you using? How are you using the two connections? What firmware version? Speedfusion?

Share some details, including your configuration.