Dumb question about router IP address with PepVPN

Hi everyone, sorry this is a noob question I think! So we have 3 offices, and I’d like to connect them with Peplink. It’s just to have them connected so I can access things like security cameras via local IP and so on, no bonding or anything.

I got it working by creating a PepVPN tunnel between 2 of the sites now, but ran into a couple issues on the way I wanted to get feedback on:

  1. Both sites by default had the Peplink as so it wouldn’t work kept saying route conflict. At the remote site I changed it to and it immediately worked. Is there a generally accepted method I should use for setting IPs on each site? Like would the 3rd site be or how do most people do that?

  2. If I now want to add the 3rd site, do I just repeat the process but add a 2nd PepVPN tunnel to the head office Balance, and then repeat what I did for the first site? So each remote site would show 1 PepVPN tunnel, and then the head office would show 2?

You are correct on both points. PepVPN by default is using L3 routing so each location needs a unique subnet. Thanks

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Hi, so for Q1 yes, in the most basic way people do this yes. If you have a large network however a bit more thought has to go into the subnets you use and the overall network. If a /24 (254 usable addresses) is ok for each of your 3 sites in turn then what you have done should be fine.

You might want to consider if you have different subnets at the sites already (eg: VLAN’s for voice/data/printing etc) you will need to factor this in.

For Q2 yes but define your branch end subnets first, so if you had head end on and branch 1 on then you could follow the same method and use for site 3. And yes you will end up showing 2x tunnels on the Balance but on each remote end device one tunnel, the balance will connect it all up and route between (unless you dont want that in which case you can isolate site 1 from site 2 so its hub and spoke with configuration changes)

See this for info on the subnetting http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/RFC-1918

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