Dual wan with 10GBaseT ports

What is the router you would recommend me with a low cost initial price that would have ports that are more than 1Gbps (it can be 2.5Gbps, not necessarely 10GBaseT)
I currently have the Balance Two. I love it. It’s just that I would need to switch data bigger than 1Gbps on my LAN

If your wan needs are still only < 1GBit Then I would separate your switched network from the router. and use another vendor’s switch.

any LACP features are only on the high end hardware… Same with SFP ports that would directly connect at 10Gfiber.

Even on my small network I moved all switching to a UBNT 8 port switch and only connect to the router with 1 LAN cable.

Peplink doesn’t list its switch fabric throughput, the 8 port UBNT switch has a full 8Gbits switching fabric.

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Right now I have 2 wan (300+400mbps and thinking of upgrading the 300 to 1gps) and 2 switch connected to the Balance Two
My issue is that I need to run a KVM application with 4k video that will require 900mbps
In between multiples ports of my switch (but not simultaneously)
My switches are aruba instant on 1930 24ports and 8 ports PoE
I’m wondering if thoses switches could act as routers
In any case I could purchase a aruba instant on 1960 with 2x10gbaset ports

The Balance 2 is only rated for 1Gbps of throughput anyway, so if you expect to be able to use both your 300Mbps and 1Gbps connections at the same time and max them out you probably want to look at a bigger Peplink anyway.

That would potentially get you something with either an SFP+ port, or LACP support but it’s not going to be a cheap box.

If the traffic for the KVMs only needs to be switched between devices on your LAN I’d just connect the switches in a way that gives you the bandwidth to do that that and avoid passing the traffic via the switch ports on the Peplink at all.

Is there a reason to not just plug the switches together either using a LACP bundle to get enough capacity between them, or alternatively there are relatively inexpensive models in the InstantOn lineup that have some SFP+ ports and link the switches either via fibre or a DAC cable (or if you really have to use UTP get an SFP+ module for that media type).

Some of them have some basic L3 features I believe, but as above if you are switching traffic this doesn’t really matter, if you need to route traffic across multiple subnets then yes using an L3 switch as a router would certainly work, just not sure you’d be able to do this on the InstantOn stuff - they are nice hardware but the software on them is basic and crippled for a reason :slight_smile:

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