Dual WAN link bonding problem! Urgently need expert for help!

Current situation:

2 x Metro E Layer 2 WAN Link

  • one for data, using OSPF
  • one for voice, using EIGRP
    Both Link run separately now.

What I want to do:
Bond two links into one by using Peplink 2500. Which my client has already bought.

May I know this situation works or not? If work, how to configure it and what information I need to gather before setup? Please advise.

I beg for expert to open their knowledge to help me! The speed of original reseller and support are extremely slow!

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

Ronald Ng

Hi Ronald,

Tech support is following up your case now. We need your help to provide consistent and accurate info. This will help us to provide better advice.

Thank you.