Dual VPN tunnels with PepLink Max BR1?

We’re currently fielding Max BR1 Minis for LTE-connected kiosks. Endpoints connected to the Minis are routing over PepVPN tunnels to our Balance concentrator. I’d like to know if it is possible to bring up a second PepWave tunnel on each Mini, terminated on the same Balance, but use Drop-In mode for a second endpoint device at each kiosk. If our current equipment doesn’t support this, I’d like to know if it would require a different Max model, etc. Thanks

We should probably have a chat offline to work out the best way to achieve exactly what you want to do here as the desired topology isn’t clear.

What I can say is that you can have a layer3 VPN and a Layer2 VPN tunnel built to the same Balance - but there migth be better ways to do what you want.

Either drop me a message or post a network diagram with more detail so we can work out what you should look at next.

Martin, if you are still around, we are still looking to do this. The current application is security phones on the existing tunnel. The planned application is for security cameras. The phones are using routed /30s and the cameras would need to be on a single vlan piped to all the peplinks and configured on their LAN interface.