Dual SSID issues.

Ran into a problem just a few days since we setup a 2nd SSID on our network.
We are using a Peplink Balance 20 and all peplink nodes.

The idea was that a 2nd SSID would be created for the kids iPad’s, it would have a time of use profile attached.
This part worked great.

However, not long after setup (about 1 day) we started having issues that the Ipads would not connect to that Wifi SSID.
The error message received on the Ipad: “This network is operating on Wi-Fi channels in use by several other nearby networks.”

The only solution would be to re-start the router, which MOST of the time fixed it.
This morning, even that wouldn’t fix it and I ended up just deleting the SSID and going back to our original setup.

My 1st thought was, to just uncheck the option / settings / auto channel update.
But the best I could do there, is just set it to only update if there is no active clients.
(Which maybe, but still I can for-see were going to have issues)

I could set it to a fixed channel, but I mean, shouldn’t we NOT have to do that in this day and age.
I guess I don’t mind doing it, we don’t have a ton of wifi traffic around here, so finding a good open channel is rather simple.

Could a build a 2nd AP profile, assign it only to the KidsIpads wifi, and have it be the fixed channels, leaving our main default wifi on auto?

Any other suggestions?

Or, maybe I’d be better off doing this,
create a 2nd Vlan - Kids.
Set the DNS of that Vlan to a cloud based filtering company
Assign the Vlan, to the KidsWifi.

That would, I believe give us the best “advance” protection for the kids eyes.
But still we would run into this channel in use thing.