Dual power source on pepwave 700

i didn’t found any information about using two power source simultaneously and how power inputs works

i want (if it is safe) to connect AC/DC power supply on the back input and a battery in the block input on the front

my goal would be to provide a battery power source if AC power supply shut down

thanks for your help


Hi, webdiffusion

It is perfectly possible and safe, you can use a relay, in which case the sample fails by the AC adapter, use the battery as a backup source.

To do this you simply connect the AC source in parallel with battery because if the battery were to fail or to download the source to give energy Peplink.

To be even safer would be good to use some kind of circuit that activates when the battery fails the AC source, the problem is that this circuit has to be done right, otherwise Peplink is shut down during this exchange of energy source.

You can go in any electronic or forum on the subject and ask about this circuit.

But worth a watch, the energy source must be the same for battery voltage when switching sources do not harm the input circuit power Peplink. What happens is that it works well when you turn on and off it at a certain voltage, but during the operation of the product of the voltage changes nothing for other energy source may be some damage to internal circuitry, since it would be a sudden change of energy.

Remembering that any damage to equipment caused by an external circuit inefficient or defective shall not be covered by warranty.

Yup connecting a battery to the MAX’s DC terminal block for redundant power works :slight_smile:

Thanks for answers…

Then i understand now i can connect a battery and an AC adapter simultaneously.

If i unplug battery or AC does it still running?

If both are connected is pepwave 700 use AC as priority (to prevent battery discharge)?


They are both in the same priority. In other words, if you unplug either one of them, it will still keep running. Pretty cool, right? :slight_smile:

Hi That is great, That is awesome information, i was also looking for this.

Dear All,

Does Peplink circuit can power the battery?; I mean, Can I connect an array of diode and resistor to limit the current that would require the battery to be recharged?

If so, what would be the maximum current that can be demanded for recharging the battery without affecting the main circuit of the MAX BR1?

Do you mean to use the MAX BR1 to recharge an external battery? If this is the case then MAX BR1 is not meant for that purpose, here we are talking about MAX BR1 or MAX 700 taking dual source (AC adapter and DC from battery) as power input to achieve power redundancy.

Do enlighten me if my understanding is different.

Best regards.