Dual modem functionality in Max Transit Pro

I’m a new owner of a Max Transit Pro and was wondering about a couple of scenarios relating to using multiple sims.

Question 1: In the Cellular 1 modem, if I put a Verizon sim in slot A and a AT&T sim in slot B and set the setting in the details to “Both SIMS” and put Cellular 1 in highest priority, will both sims connect to their respective towers and provide cell service at the same time? Is there a way to tell which sim is serving my various devices?

Question 2: If I put a Verizon sim in Cellular 1 modem and an AT&T sim in Cellular 2 modem, can you place both in the highest priority or is only 1 allowed to be highest and the other has to be secondary? Additionally, how does it determine which sim (modem) a device would connect to?



Q1 - If you put both SIM cards in Cell 1, Slot A/B, only cellular module 1 will connect. It will choose Verizon first since its in Slot A, and if the signal is poor it will switch to Slot B. So only one connection at the time, but if you log into the router while it is connected, it will tell you which carrier it is connected to on the dashboard there.

Q2 - Yes, its more optimal to have an active SIM card in both Cell 1 and Cell 2. Setting them both in priority 1 will allow them to connect at the same time, however it doesn’t necessarily distinguish itself to which carrier its using to send out traffic. To enforce traffic to a certain cell carrier VZW/ATT you would need to adjust the outbound policies accordingly for your devices.