Dual Cellular LTE for secure public safety deployment


  • Federal Police Force in the United States.
  • Currently using another mobile device in their patrol cars but have been experiencing poor connectivity performance.


  • Provide a strong mobile connectivity utilizing multiple cellular connections if needed.
  • Built in GPS functionality to enable fleet tracking and management.
  • To create an aggregated VPN link from patrol cars and remote sites to HQ.
  • Simplify overall management of the entire infrastructure.

Recommended Solution

  • For remote sites we would recommend a Balance 20X.
  • This future proof router can be expanded to accept a second LTE connection via the built in FlexModule Mini. It is also 5G ready and can be upgraded, when the time comes.
  • For the Patrol cars, we would put forward a UBR LTE.
  • This rugged industrial grade dual cellular router already supports ignition sensing and it’s input voltage range is compatible with vehicles.
  • The UBR LTE also comes with DIN mounts to allow for secure mounting inside the vehicle. The terminal block allows for hard wiring a power feed into the router.
  • With the built in GPS, fleet management can be easily performed.
  • FusionHub 2000 will be internally deployed to maintain a secure and unbreakable VPN tunnel, as well as utilizing Peplink’s SpeedFusion technologies when needed.

Devices Deployed

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