Dual cellular connectivity for public Wi-Fi service


  • A developer and operator of high-end hotel resorts, casinos, and shopping centers in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Currently using other mobile devices for in-car Wi-Fi services within 150+ vehicles.
  • Relying on a single connection proves not enough sometimes.


  • Want to upgrade the entire fleet of 150+ vehicles to a robust LTE router.
  • Redundant SIM slots are a bonus.
  • A device with built in GPS functionality for fleet management and tracking.

Customer POC

  • The customer provided us a POC with 150 units of the MAX BR1 Mini.
  • This single LTE modem router accepts multiple power inputs and a wide range of voltages for secure power supply installation within vehicles.
  • The certified vibration resistance and rolling stock makes this a good choice for in-vehicle deployments.
  • With a built-in Wi-Fi interface, it is suitable to provide guests with internet service.

Our suggestion

  • To improve the setup even further, we have suggested deployment of the MAX Transit Duo router.
  • This Dual Cellular router can utilize up to four different cellular providers, creating an extremely versatile configuration.
  • The MAX Transit Duo also supports dual band WiFi, giving two independent networks that also can work together should any congestion arise.
  • A customizable Captive Portal is supported with this device, meaning advertising servers and Facebook login is also supported.
  • In order to avoid any complicated deployments of a second device, we would suggest to utilize SpeedFusion Cloud. This unlocks a range of possibilities with SpeedFusion technology.
  • Optional DIN mounts make the MAX Transit ready to fit into various spaces available.

Devices Deployed

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