DSL modem and a AT&T homebase (wireless internet)

I currently have DSL internet at home. Because of the limited speed I have purchased a AT&T homebase this unit has wireless internet. Can these to service be used together on the Balance 20?
At this time I do not want to give up the DSL because if I do I can not get it back. So I thought why not use a dual wan router. Can this work?

It looks like the home base has an Ethernet port on it, so it looks like it can be connected to one of the WAN ports. It does specify that only one client can be attached to the Ethernet port. That could possibly mean that they will limit that and not allow routers downstream. I kind of doubt it though.

Maybe someone on this forum has experience with the set up. All I can say is that it has the right physical interfaces. From a hardware perspective, it should work. The software is what will determine how well it works. The Peplink won’t be the limiting factor.

I am hoping someone here has experience with it. Because if I can’t make it work with a router I can’t use it as I have 10 wired devices on my network. I have done a lot of searching for info on this without getting much useful information.

I also notice that it has a maximum of 10 wifi devices. The only reason to have a limit like that is because the hardware won’t be able to handle more than that and provide good service. Since you would be offloading all the heavy lifting to the Peplink, you would probably be alright provided all 10 devices aren’t downloading at full capacity concurrently.

While I do have 10 wired devices only 2 of them need the internet on a routine basis. My DirecTv receivers are connected and this will help with streaming and downloading programs. And there are also 5 wireless normally connected.
I still don’t completely understand if the Peplink will do what I think it does.
Reading the specs I see that they all provide Load Balancing & Failover. But only the 210 and above provide Inbound Load Balancing.
Since my DSL is 6Mb down and the Homebase will be between 30Mb and 90Mb Will the Peplink 20 work?

Inbound load balancing is if you were running a web, or ftp, or other service and you wanted inbound requests balanced. You can most likely benefit from a balance One, balance 30 or balance 20. It would allow you to use both WAN links concurrently, but you most likely wouldn’t be able to aggregate those particular links due to the throughput differences (30 Mbps vs 6 Mbps)

It would provide redundancy for you in the event that one went down. It also allows you to configure high bandwith traffic to go to the fast link and low latency stuff to go through the DSL.

Hope this makes sense. Ask more questions if you are still unsure.

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