Dropping LAN devices when downloading at 50Mbps

I had purchased a mk3 surf soho as it was stated to have 120Mbps throughput. I have it on the latest firmware however I notice a very big issue.

I only have a 50Mbps internet connection and if I am maxing that out downloading, the cpu on the router is fluctuating around 88% and into the 90s. (I can’t imagine if I had chose the 100 Mbps internet but that’s not my issue at the moment). My issue is that when it eventually peaks and hit 100% my other wired (directly attached) devices become unreachable. I’ve had constant pings going and when it hits 100% it starts timing out to them. Their interfaces are still up and there is nothing in the router log or the devices log, the router just doesn’t send/receive any packets to the devices.

So how is this a 120Mbps throughput router when 50Mbps is causing 100% cpu load and dropping other physically connected devices?


Are you connected to wireless 2.4GHz when you lost the ping test to those wired LAN devices?

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Everything is wired, no wireless involved.

Can you share how you max out the router throughput?

Are you able to login into the MK3 when the CPU is maxing out? If so, please download Diagnostic Report and submit ticket for us to take a closer look. Please take note, you need to download the Diagnostic Report when the CPU is maxing out.

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Hi, I was saying I’m maxing my internet connection at 50Mbps. I’m watching the cpu in the Admin GUI fluctuate as stated in the 90% range, and when it hits 100% it starts dropping packets to my wired devices.

I’ll try to get diag report, but it’s not high on my priorities with other things right now. Unfortunately the unit will probably get returned.


Just do a quick check using my SOHO MK3 device. I able to get around 120Mbps - 130Mbps.


Strongly believe the issue maybe related to environment influences. Please open a ticket as suggested by @TK_Liew for support to check

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That’s fine that you can get 120Mbps for 30 seconds, I’m not debating that. But what happens to constant pings to other devices when you do that transfer for 30 minutes with the cpu around 100% (which your screenshot shows)? Your test was for 30 seconds and did not address the issue of lost connectivity to other connected devices.

As far as environmental factors, I assume you mean things that affect equipment like temperature, airflow, vibration, etc? None of those come into play with where the unit is located.


I’m referring other influences that may cause the connections lost issue (need to check from the devices). It would be best to allow support team to investigate from the device.

My previous screenshots only showing a quick test, hence the time taken are very short. The main purpose for the given test result is to test whether we can replicate or see the problem as mention.

Seem you are more concerns about the connection lost when the device running in high load, i had quickly test on that. Below are the ping test results for my SOHO MK3 device when running in high load conditions. The ping results is positive.

Ping test more than 30 minutes with high traffics transfer:

PC NIC usage:

CPU usage:

Realtime Usage: