Drop-in mode

This is a VERY important question as I plan to deploy this for the entire town in 10 days.

background ->

If I enable Drop In Mode on WAN1 of PEP.

I would then place my ISP routers IP,, in the WAN Default Gateway field box.

My office router would then have a default route of and my office is happy.

My IP on my LAN port is and my non-office customers are on the net with as their default gateway. provides access to other private 172.16.1.x/xx locations that devices behind would need access to. I understand this should work fine.

The question I have is->

Would customers coming in the LAN port of the PEP be balanced to access internet via WAN default router of These customers can keep their 192.168.130 IP as at the very end of out networks where we have our Internet POP we NAT.

Hi Tom,

Deploying Peplink in Drop-In mode will definitely simplify installation but having only a /30 subnet with two usable IP addresses between your ISP and office router there is no IP address left for Peplink.

Peplink in Drop-In mode will need one IP address, shared by WAN1 and LAN interface, in the subnet between your existing ISP and office router, so we will need a bigger subnet for Drop-In mode installation.

Installing Peplink in Drop-In mode require no configuration change in your existing equipments so your office router will still point to the ISP router on WAN as default gateway and Peplink will be able to distribute traffic among all available WAN connecetions.

And yes traffic coming from 192.168.130.X where all your hosts and servers reside will be able to access Internet via ISP router at No change is needed behind your office router and you can seamlessly add more WAN links to Peplink to increase bandwidth.

Let me know if I misunstand your network.