Drop-In mode with firewall?

I hoping to get some suggestions and verification on using and configuring a 380 in a rather stupid situation! My ISP provides an external modem/router combination. Initially the router management setup pages where available to allow me to configure the firewall, port forwarding rules etc and change the default admin password. Recently the ISP upgraded the firmware which included forcing the “enable management interface from the internet” (option to ‘ON’ and disable greyed out) and reset the password to the default password available to everyone! This is the really stupid part that I am working through with them. To protect my network I added another router into the DMZ of the ISP router but have had no luck getting around the double NAT problem when I want to access my VPN server or NAS. I cannot turn this router into bridge mode or eliminate the NAT so I have been trying other options.

I have a 380 that is not being used at the moment (bit of a waste). I’m wondering if it makes sense to put it into the network in Drop in mode between the router and my network? When in Drop in mode can I still use the built in firewall rules as I do not want to count on the ISP router providing any protection (given that it could be disabled easily)? I could continue to use the ISP router to handle any port forwarding or would this best be done in the PepLink?

I will certainly be experimenting with these options anyway but thought I would see if anyone had any other suggestions.


Your ISP is going to have a bit of trouble I suppose. And don’t worry, we will never make a decision like this.

Firewall rules works on the WAN/LAN with Drop-in mode on. I think we can keep the port forwarding rules on your ISP router. I don’t see any benefit migrating them to Peplink - we don’t need to configure port forwarding on the WAN/LAN with Drop-in mode.

What you are trying to do looks good to me but we can never be sure without a full picture of how your network is like. Have a try before deployment.