Drop-In-Mode Specific WAN->LAN Interface

Hey guys,

Correct me if im wrong but I have run into an issue a few time with this configuration:

Fiber –> Sonicwall (Transparent Mode/IP Passthrough, WAN IP –> Peplink Balance (WAN IP –> Cisco Managed PoE Switches –> VoIP Phones
–> Switches for Computers

  • The IT for the customer didn’t originally want to put a managed gig switch between the ONT and the Peplink and Sonicwall to hand off the /29 IP’s from the Fiber circuit. SO they decided to plug directly from Verizon ONT to Sonicwall and put in transparent mode to pass through our Public IP from the Fiber for our Peplink for the Phones. HUGE PROBLEMS! We took it out and put the switch in between which fixed the issue. But it just made me think.

*In drop in mode on the balance this eliminates for the balance to use its DHCP server? And if so is there a way to only allow or connect via a specified WAN to LAN interface for the drop-in-mode, allowing me to keep my phones on the balance DHCP server and passthrough a Public IP to say a Sonicwall. This would allow me to still use the balance DHCP server for the phones and be the end device for Qos instead of relying on Sonicwall which SUCK for VoIP.


Hi tjvoip45,

Balance router still can as act DHCP server after configured as Drop-in Mode. Please find the screen shot below:-

Ah, thanks TK.