Drop-In Mode - Routing Network


is it possible to forward a complete network adress range to an drop in mode.

Normal setup works fine. only the servers behind the firewall are after including peplink are not working.



If normal setup is internal network(s) > firewall > Peplink > ISP gateway, where exactly are the servers located? Is there a different public IP network associated with these servers?

yes correct fw - pep link - isp

the servers are behind fw - DMZ.

servers have a different public net with is transferred


OK, so the firewall owns the additional public network and the Balance simply passes this along in layer 2 bridge mode. A static route will be needed in the Balance for the secondary network, pointing to the outside IP address of your firewall under Network> LAN> Static Route Settings.

I tried, but donĀ“t work.

Here my confi.

FW -
Peplink -
ISP Router -

Server one
Server two

So my static route


The destination network and gateway are both incorrect. The Peplink already knows about its own network. Here is how it should look:

Destination Network = (example for server network)
Subnet Mask = (example for server network)
Gateway = (example for outside IP address of firewall)