Drop in mode on 210, Juniper router from ISP and Cisco ASA 5505 not able to get outbound traffic past the ASA

I have tried to install a Peplink 210 balancer in drop in mode for a client to add a 2nd internet connection. They have as above a ASA 5505 as their firewall with VPN tunnels to their satalite offices. When I installed the 210 in drop in mode it would not allow any traffic between the Juniper and ASA. I do not have access to the Juniper (ISP provided device). I have rebooted all devices multiple times as mentioned in the documentation however issue persists. When trying to ping the Peplink from the ASA 5505 it times out, I manually flushed the ARP table on the ASA. It never finds the Peplink in its ARP table. Any advise would be appreciated, this is my first Peplink device and if all works out well I see many more for other clients.

Hi hirs0009,
We’ve got several Dropin mode case studies so far like yours and all the things seemed ok. I’d like to share with you our works:
Firstly, put Balance into the existing network (mostly Cisco routers in front, Chekpoint-Nokia/Cisco ASA/Fortinet’s FortiGate behind). Normally It took just several minutes (5-15min) if we had good preparation in advance. Then everything runs as before.
Secondly, Adding more Internet connections.
Next, make Tuning… Deploying services…
Finally: Reconfigure Firewall to Routing mode if any (no NAT at all) and Switch Peplink’s Balance back to Routing/NAT mode. This is ideal mode for Peplink Balances.
Believe me. Those are quite big customers, they have a lot of services: Trading online, VPN (SSL and IPSEC)…
Please find more info in the URL - http://innotel.com.vn/downloads/PepLink/Dropin-Test.rar that I’ve uploaded. This is test but with real data.